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Empower your employees through successful Enterprise Collaboration

IBD assists organisations to design high performing digital workplaces

Our integrated business design approach to the Digital Workplace

Work is no longer bound to the company premises. Flexible and hybrid work arrangements mean that work is being conducted in multiple places and spaces, requiring a highly performant digital workplace that can support all employees wherever and whenever they are working. 
IBD helps you in all aspects of the design of the digital workplace. Let us assist you to develop the strategy and design that is optimised for the needs of your people and their work. We are experts in Enterprise Collaboration and can help you design and implement the technology platform that suits your needs.

Get in touch with us and take the first step towards empowering your organisation and turning your ideas into actions

We look forward to discussing our approach and methodology and helping you to deliver a digital workplace that fits your organisational needs and requirements.

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You can find us here:

Bachweg 29 b

56072 Koblenz


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