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Enterprise Collaboration Platforms

Part One: Understanding Collaborative Work


Prof. Dr. Susan P. Williams

Prof. Dr. Petra Schubert

IBD Paper Series No.



This paper is the first in a series of papers and reports based on our research and consulting experiences, that examine the design of the digital workplace and the effective use of collaboration technologies to support collaborative work and workgroups in organisations. The paper is published in two parts. In part one "Understanding Collaborative Work" we provide a structure for thinking about an organisation’s collaborative working and collaboration software requirements and develop insights about the provision of an enterprise collaboration platform.

Publication Date

Jul 2022


Williams, S. P., Schubert, P. (2022): Enterprise Collaboration Platforms: Part One: Understanding Collaborative Work. IBD Paper Series, No. 01/2022. IBD Integrated Business Design. Koblenz, Germany.

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