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Enterprise Collaboration Platforms

Part Two: Designing the Technical Solution


Prof. Dr. Petra. Schubert

Prof. Dr. Susan P. Williams

IBD Paper Series No.



This paper is the second in a series of papers and reports based on our research and consulting experiences that examine the design of the digital workplace and the effective use of collaboration technologies to support collaborative work and workgroups in organisations.

In Part Two "Designing the Technical Solution", we build on insights based on our work with user organisations and provide a structured overview for building the technology solution for a performant Enterprise Collaboration Platform.

Publication Date

Aug 2022


Schubert, P.; Williams, S. P. (2022): Enterprise Collaboration Platforms. Part Two: Designing the Technical Solution. IBD Paper Series, No. 02/2022. IBD Integrated Business Design. Koblenz, Germany.

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